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Before you watch The Accountant free online, you may be interested to see the first full comment on this movie 🙂 . After Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck appeared on the big screen as a cameo in the squadron of suicide. The accountant is Affleck’s second film in 2016 who presents himself as the main character. The stars Hollywood as Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, and Jeffrey Tambor participated in the distribution of The Accountant. The astonishment and quality of the action of Ben Affleck as well as the actors and famous actresses involved in the cinematographic production The suspense film Accountant who recorded a significant profit with a revenue of 146 million US$ from a budget of US$ 44 million.

The Accountant Movie Poster

The Accountant Movie Poster

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is an accountant of high-level criminal organizations autism. A technology company has asked Wolff for help to finance his finances. In the society, Wolff met with the company’s accountant, Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick). In the verification process, life people around Wolff threat. On the other hand, government agencies are investigating the location of Wolff.

There are not many different things offered by The Accountant in the crime thriller genre. In addition to the autism of Christian Wolff, Most streaming and viewing of movies are commonly encountered in similar genres. The public is demanding to attach The story that was presented during the 127 minutes of the movie show. The plot seems to overlap without any importance. History, the love between Wolff and Cummings, has been less efficient in exploring public emotions. Survey of government agencies played by J.K. Simmons was only impressed and died. Murders committed by a group of criminals mysteriously more like the scene in Steven Seagal’s films of the past few years filled with nonsense without meaning and threats that are not frightening at all, as do the risks of the soft and undervalued ITE law the social media volunteers from the candidates to the regional chiefs who hate Islam.

The only good impression of the accountant is actor Ben Affleck who plays a total autism man who very detailed, martial artist and shooting. How to eat, drive, even the way he closed his eyes fits perfectly the condition of autism in the real world. As he struggles with the assassins, I remember this character from Batman he played. Ben Affleck at The Accountant is Batman in the autistic version. If The Accountant has produced its sequel, Maybe he will fight for Superman, and the title is The Accountant vs. Superman: The Worst Movie Ever. Quality Ben Affleck is very qualified. Contrary to the suspicions of religious blasphemy whose acts are artificial.

Ben Affleck relaunched the movie directed on December 25, 2016, entitled Live By Night. Good luck Ben Affleck can mark a sweet start in 2017, and, hopefully, leaders who like to talk spicy often shed tears crocodiles, and the falsification of innocence can be severely punished.

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