The Duff Full Movie Reviews

The Duff Full Movie Reviews – Suddenly Bianca (Mae Whitman) gets the call of ‘The Duff’ from her classmate, Wesley Rush (Robbie Amell) who sucks. The handsome-looking athletic man who is also his neighbor is also famous for playing girls. The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friends) Wes calls is the most unpopular child in the group, usually used as a liaison with famous friends who become coveted. Bianca has two friends, Jess and Casey, both of whom are pretty girls that many boys in school are looking for.

The name did make Bianca angry, but it made him realize that all this time he was treated so. Everyone he meets every day at school just asks and cares about Jess and Cassey (Skyler Samuel & Bianca A. Santos). If anyone talks to Bianca, it must be something that concerns Jess and Cassey.

The Duff Movie Poster

The Duff Movie Poster

Not accepted to be treated as Duff, Bianca then decided to change his life. He even severed his friendship with Jess and Casey. Instead, he also became friends with Wes, considers only Wes who honestly said what happened to him. Jess then ask for directions to Wes so that he could be a child who is also famous and ‘get’ men dream in school. But problems come when Madison (Bella Thorne), former Wes knows Bianca and Wes hangout together. Amid the madness of Bianca and Wes, Madison’s friends recorded Bianca’s stupid dancing action, then uploaded it to Youtube. The video became viral, and Bianca became a joke in school.

No need to comment on what compositions, or even how directors and actors tell the story of the film. I enjoyed it, it all flowed without the need to pay attention to many things around it. The film is lifted from a novel by Kody Keplinger with this same title can be considered an underdog comedy. With a series of names that are not as popular as actors and actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler or Owen Wilson, the audience will give the impression of underestimate from the beginning. But believe me, the film directed by Ari Sandel with Mae Wihtman who holds a significant portion in the movie makes ‘The Duff’ as a comedy film that really ‘Break.’

The Duff is very simple to bring the story of the lives of young people, even with the latest trends where social media is contributing from everything. Bianca portrayed as a geek figure who peers, making friends with his male neighbor, Wesley who has a contrasting style from Bianca. Wesley is a handsome athlete who targeted by many girls at his school.

Two of Bianca’s best friends are also favorite girls who are the center of the attention of boys in school. Especially for teenagers, this film provides a moral message about how bullying, especially in the school environment, can have a fatal lousy impact. While a person like Bianca, it is finally able to rise and overcome the problem. Of course also all thanks to the role of the close friends and their families.

The appearance of Ken Jeong, the comedian with a typical laughter as a teacher Bianca, adding this film stirs the stomach of the audience. Following the background of the movie in the school environment, explicit and vulgar humor scenes are probably more limited. Perhaps the romance side of the movie is quite prominent, but this is not unique. In addition to the joke that comes with the feel of modern comedy, romance in the film is so easy to guess. Hate, friendly then like each other.

Somehow this movie is also like to awaken us to something that often happens in the environment around when adolescence, but escaped attention. But from these things, it gives delivery to the audience that many items cannot be viewed from one side only. Bianca dubbed ‘Duff’ because it is the most unpopular in his group, seems to have the advantage and also has the desire to be treated equally.

Maybe ‘The Duff’ will not have time long enough to survive the rush of franchise films that are present in this April. In addition to the Furious 7 which still dominates, audiences of the homeland have been waiting for the presence of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron who live counting the days. Also the musical drama ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ has also been much anticipated.


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